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Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pool Water Purification

With 59 years platinum Anniversary over 1.100.000 Systems Built & Sold worldwide!
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Oxy-Sal UV System

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World Leader in Saline Chlorination

Half a Century of Invention


Sal-Chlor developed the world’s first Electronic Flow Switch for Salt Water Chlorinators to prevent hydrogen gas build up in 1970


Sal-Chlor designed and patented the world’s first Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator in 1986


Sal-Chlor designed and installed the first Hotel & Resort 2000 gph Commerical Seawater Chlorination System in 1990


Sal-Chlor designed and developed the Oxy-Gen 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 250 UV + Minerale/Low Salt Water Treatment System in 2014


Sal-Chlor designed and developed the Oxy-Sal UV C 8 Power Head System in 2019


Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pool Water Purification

Our Latest Innovation

Designed, Manufactured & Sold by Sal-Chlor

Eco-Friendly, offers a superior level of sanitation.
Destroys viruses and delivers purer water.
Works with any existing filtration system.
For Domestic & Commercial Swimming Pools.

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Commercial & Domestic

We manufacture & sell a wide range of Commercial and Domestic Oxygen/Minerale/Saline Swimming Pool Generators

Australian Made

Australian designed & manufactured

Fully Customised

Custom built Domestic & Commercial systems

Other Product Ranges

We are exceptionally proud to have been the Australian Designer, Developer and Manufacturer of all PURAPOOL and PURACHLOR models between 2014 and 2019. We have also developed models for Blue Salt, Oxy-Gen Systems, Poolrifik and Hy-Gen Oxy-Sal-UV Systems & Oxy-Gen Fusion Technology Systems


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