Commercial SAL-CHLOR-Climax System

The SAL Saline Chlorinators and Chlorination Systems consists of various modular units with variable chlorine production capacities.
TYPE In-line - Commercial Hypochlorite Plant
NO. UNITS Plant can be designed to comfortably meet chlorine production requirements with single rectifier/cell modular units. If system back up is required or desirable, systems can be designed to tolerate multiple cell shut-down without affecting the rest of the system.
CHLORINE PRODUCTION From 50 grams per hour to 50 kilograms per hour or greater.
SALT CONCENTRATION The system relies on the presence of salt in the water, ranging from seawater concentrations (3.5%) to as little as 5,500 ppm salt concentrations.
The pre-engineered range is designed to meet the chlorine requirements of any water volume or water flow rate. Where pre-engineered models are not suited to a particular application, units are tailor designed.
RECTIFIER Designed to Australian Standards AS3108 & AS2374.
Cabinet Thickness - 1.6mm
  Finish - Powder coated zinc anneal steel to 85 microns.
Power Supply Up to and including 330 grams/hr - Single phase power supply.
> 330 rams/hour - 3 Phase power is required.
Single Phase  3 Phase Rectification
Primary Input Voltage 110-240V 415V
RECTIFIER CONTROL - Transformers are tapped for world power variation.
Equipment  - Variable Chlorine Control
  - Ammeter (conventional)
- Main Power On Switch
- Rectifier Power On Switch
- Primary & Secondary alarm
- Lamps displaying: Power On, Rectifier On, Water Flow Fault, Temperature Alarm
Soft Start Up For maximum cell protection the unit is fitted with thyristor controls, soft start auto voltage and amperage romping.
Cooling System  Air or Fan cooled (on larger units).
ELECTRODE CELL(S) Type - Monopolar, solid 1.6mm solid plate electrodes.
Material Cathode - Solid Titanium plate.
Anode - Solid Titanium plate, coated with SC6 industrial quality coatings.
Cell Cleaning Up to 330g/h Cl - Removal of cell and manual acid cleaning with mild acid solution, facilitated by acid cleaning chamber.
Above 330g/h Cl - Provide a semi-automatic, manual valve operated acid wash system, incorporating pump, check valves and acid tank.
Plumbing Pipes, fittings and valves - Industrial grade heavy walled PVC or CPVC. Factory tested to 400 kPa. Electrode Inspection facilitated by clear PVC inspection portal in cell chamber.
Minimum Water Flow 


The electrode cells require minimum water flow rates to ensure efficient heat transfer and maximum efficiency. Refer to Commercial Plant Specifications.