Most professionals in the water sanitation industry agree that UV light delivers the best level of viral and bacterial water disinfection.  Until now, UV sanitisers have been expensive, high-maintenance, and difficult-to-install water sanitation solutions.
We have been able to mitigate move the most common negatives associated with standard UV tube installations and deliver better results using our unique medical sterilisation-grade UV LEDs, developed by us specifically for use in what has become the Oxy-Sal UV Powerhead.
Our UV Powerhead uses our custom-designed Auto-Diagnostic Control System. This controller allows it to be installed alongside any pool water chlorination system operating on voltages within the range of 5Vdc32Vdc.
In the absence of a chlorinator power source, we also supply a waterproof transformer which allows the UV Powerhead to work in systems without connected chlorinators.  This is often the preference when dealing with spas or water features.


The UV Powerhead is easily installed by a pool service provider competent in pool equipment installation. Refer to the installation diagram.

The UV Powerhead must be installed downstream of the chlorinator, so that water first passes through the chlorinator, then through the Powerhead. If no chlorinator is present, the Powerhead must be installed downstream of the pump and filter.

The UV Powerhead is designed to work alongside a sanitation system of adequate capacity to sanitise the volume of water it is treating. The Powerhead is not designed to increase the output of other water sanitation systems, nor is it designed to prolong the life of a failing chlorinator cell. The UV Powerhead will produce optimal results when used in conjunction with a chlorination system that can produce the correct water sanitation levels for the water feature in which it is installed.
Once this is achieved, your pool, spa, or water feature will have a wider range of viral and bacterial protection; your chlorinator’s running time, chemical demands, and energy demands will diminish; and your sanitation system’s life span will increase.

After you have installed the UV Powerhead, we recommend monitoring your water quality and slowly reducing your filtration system’s running time until you arrive at the perfect balance of optimal water quality with minimal running time. Every pool and spa is unique, so this balance is different for each one.


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