Sal500/Sal800 Components

  • Rectifier
    No: 1
    Description: Three Phase, 415 V with neutral Power Supply
  • Cell Module
    No: 1
    Description: 2 Series Electrolytic Cells and Acid Wash System
  • Protection Systems
  • ORP Controller Interface
    (for fully automatic chlorine metering control)
    No: 1
    Description: Water flow sensor – in Cell Module
    Trip and Visual Alarms for Water Flow Fault, Over-Current & High Temperature
    Incorporates interface for automatic chlorination control utilising an ORP Controller (refer specifications for correct Input Signal)
  • Remote Alarm Extension
    No: 1
    Description: Facility for connection of external, visual or audible alarm in the event of Alarm fault
  • Cell Blank End Plates
    No: 2
    Description: For uninterrupted water flow in the event of electrode assembly service


  • ORP Controller
    No: 1
    Description: Supplied
  • Salinity Meter
    No: 1
    Description: Hand held test meter supplied


Sal-Chlor Climax Global has a comprehensive service and spare parts network for your convenience. Use of non genuine parts can seriously damage other components of the unit and may void your warranty. For service and spares, please contact Sal-Chlor Climax Global or your local Sal-Chlor Climax Global dealer.


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