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The SAL Saline Chlorination Plant is designed and manufactured by the Sal-Chlor Group for commercial applications. Sal-Chlor Climax Global  makes a quality product which is designed with longevity in mind.


ELECTROLYTIC CELLS: 4 years (1 years full warranty – 3 years prorate %)
RECTIFIER: 5 years (1 years full warranty – 4 years prorate %)
NB: PCV plumbing, flow switchs, valves, cell cables, electrical parts, cell o rings, cell head section, 1 year warranty on these parts only.


All major components are manufactured in Queensland, Australia by Sal-Chlor Group with stringent quality control.


– Commercial design built to AS3 108, AS2374 and AS-NZ5IS0 9002
– Minimal AC ripple delivering a Smooth DC current, maximising cell life
– The unit incorporates a sophisticated PC Board with a Thyristor Controlled soft start voltage ramping system, which protects cell coatings against harsh voltage changes, thus maximising cell life.


Use of Commercial grade materials guaranteeing maximum cell life:
Cathode & Anode: Solid Titanium plate – 1.6mm thick
Anode Coating: High Grade Iridium Ruthenium formula SC6 grade
Clear inspection section: aids recognition of cell cleaning.
Re-coating of Cell: The cell is designed to enable re-coating at a greatly reduced cost to new cell prices.


The Sal-Chlor Climax Global  Plant incorporates a number of sophisticated protection systems to protect the electrolytic cell and the rectifier against operator error, incorrect salt concentrations or system malfunction:

Water Flow Sensor cut off – Unit switches off if no water flow is detected. The paddle sensor is immersed in the water flow and utilizes water pressure as the switching mechanism. The sensor employs the latest material technology to ensure protection against corrosion. Other systems available in the market rely on electrolytic sensors which sense the presence of water, rather than water flow. Such electrolytic sensors can enable hydrogen gas to build up to dangerous levels.

Electrical Interlocking with Filter Pump – The system will only operate when the filter pump operates, ensuring water flow to the plant.

Hydrogen Escape – The systems are engineered to prevent the build up of dangerous levels of hydrogen gas – a by-product of the electrolytic process.

Ammeter Over-current trip (optional) – The unit will switch off in the event of current settings being exceeded.  Over-current detection is achieved by 2 separate systems. The first by electronic detection utilising pre-determined current settings on the ammeter, and the second through fuse protection.

Alarm – A visual alarm will activate in the event of system shut down. The option to connect a remote alarm situated  outside of the plant room is available.

Thermal Cut-Off – Installation of electronic microtherrns will detect overheating and switch off the unit. A visual alarm will activate.

C Board – The unit’s control logic device enables constant current or constant voltage regulation to the electrolytic cell. Once the current and voltage levels are set, the rectifier’s output will not exceed these figures, notwithstanding a change in load conditions at the cell. For example, the addition of salt or other electrolytes or seasonal temperature variations will increase water conductivity (lowering resistance) and therefore draw greater current at the cell. Normally such circumstances would potentially result in excessive current to the cell beyond its rated design, thus significantly reducing cell life. The Sal-Chlor circuitry is basically an idiot proof, self diagnosing system. Power output automatically reduces or increases to match the pre-set levels.


Water salinity levels can be measured buy a simple reagents test kit. It is recommended that  testing be carried out once monthly and salt levels “topped up”. As an alternative, Sal-Chlor Climax Global offers a number of electronic controlled salinity meters, ranging from portable meters, to visual and/or control instrumentation built into the rectifier control panel.


The units can incorporate an ORP Controller interface which operates on a normally Open/Normally Closed voltage free circuit. If automatic chlorine monitoring/control is desired at a later point, then connection to the unit is a simple connection of the ORP Control unit. ORP Control units can also be fitted if desired.


The Sal-Chlor Climax Global  Plant produces Sodium Hypochlorite through a safe and simple process utilising water, common salt and electricity. The system does not store chemical chlorine, but rather, produces it on demand directly into the water. The system does not produce hazardous chemical by-products such as Caustic Soda attributable to Brine systems.

The Sal-Chlor SAL Saline Chlorination Plant is built to last, with built in safeguards to take into account the many variables encountered in field operation, including operator error. Variables, which on other systems, will reduce cell life and potentially result in costly repairs.

We refer you to the Sal-Chlor Standard/Optional Factory Equipment Schedule for further information on equipment accessories.


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