Michael J. Laffey

4th February, 1998


Dear Sir,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Company for the excellent service and product.

Your SAL600/2 Sodium Hypochlorite Generation System installed at Crown Towers Resort originally was ordered to handle 750,000 litres of water, at the end of the project the actual capacity of water, in the water featured, fountains, and main pool was around 1,000,000 litres.

The Sal-Chlor unit has no difficulty in maintaining chlorine residuals of 3.00 ppm with 100 to 200 people bather load and salt levels of 6000 ppm.

The unit is controlled by an ORP system and only runs between 10-12 hours per day at a production level of 400 gph. Water quality is 100% clear with no signs of any algae in sand or on the rocks.

We would have no hesitation in specifying any Sal-Chlor Commercial Chlorination systems for future projects, or in recommending them to any potential user.

Yours faithfully,

Michael J. Laffey
Managing Director
L & V Project Pools Ply Ltd.