Gary Wenck

To whom it may concern,


I confirm that I have specified and witnessed the installed performance of several Sal-Chlor commercial salt water chlorination units over a considerable period of time.

Installations of note are:

Location: Grand Mariner residential Resort, Gold Coast, Australia
Pool Details: 1350 cu.m. sea-water swimming pool (sand bottom over PVC liner)
Year of installation: 1989
Plant Capacity: 72 kg per day.

Location: Crown Towers Residential Resort, Gold Coast, Australia
Pool Details: 780 cu.m. salty-water swimming pool (sand beach, concrete deep water)
Year of installation: 1994
Plant Capacity: 600 grams per hour.

Location: Palazzo Versaci Resort Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia
Pool Details: 1158 cu.m. Salty-water swimming pool (sand beach, concrete in deeper water)
Year of installation: 2000
Plant Capacity: 750 grams per hour.

These units have performed to specification, and have maintained the required chlorine content considerably less than 100% duty cycle.

Reliability, ease of maintenance and superior performance have been reported on all installations.

I make these statements in good faith and based on considerable experience in the design, construction and operation of aquatic facilities.

I can confidently recommend the use of Sal-Chlor water chlorinators.

Yours faithfully,

Gary Wenck RPEQ 1482
19 August 2002