Brian J. R. Smith


Dear Rod,

We have been in operation as a swimming pool Sales & Service Company since 1969. This year we celebrate our 20th year in Business. We first became involved with Salt Chlorinators in 1973. The early models were problematic and it was a blessing that they all blew away in Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

We became involved with Watermaid in 1976 and it was with some reluctance we sold our first Sal-Chlor Convection Chlorinator just 12 months ago and 7 months since the delivery of the first Auto-One.

When I saw the price list, I remarked that I didn't think we would sell too many Auto-ones. I could not have been more wrong, as we have only sold one standard model since. Every Auto-one owner is extremely happy with their investment. Most are operating at 4 ppm salt and readings of 1 ppm chlorine are not uncommon with cyanuric readings of 50 ppm. Operating time of Auto-one 6 hours. Operating time of pump 4 hours average.

My clients are noting their power saving of 2 hours per day which is 14 per week and over 700 hours per year, so the convection system pays for itself by power saving alone.

We are pleased to be associated with Sal-Chlor and the Sales Staff are happy with your offer of replacement units should faults occur in this distant land. To date the units have been maintenance and trouble free, which makes retailers and Pool Builders happy people.

Congratulations on marketing a well designed and tested product and we are happy to be a small part of your expanding Business.

Yours sincerely,
Brian J. R. Smith.
Managing Director.
Darwin Swimming Pool Sales & Service Pty Ltd